We are SO flexible in grade 2!

th.jpegI can’t even begin to tell you how proud I am of the second grade students!  We talk and read a lot in grade 2 about being flexible and open to change but it is a really hard skill to master.  Second grade has had many unexpected things happen lately and they have taken it all in stride.  We had a fun field trip cancelled due to the snow storm, which was very disappointing, but second grade remained optimistic and no one grumbled.  We’ve recently had snow days and school delays but second grade students rolled with the changes even though it often meant that their favorite parts of the school day were omitted or lunch in the cafeteria was not what they expected.  They even do an amazing job continuing with our typical school day when they come into the classroom and see a new face because one of their teachers is out sick!  To celebrate this flexibility, we are having a popcorn and movie party this afternoon.  We just finished reading aloud Charlie and the Chocolate Factory so we will watch the movie together (all of the students requested the “old” version of the movie).  When you have a moment, please congratulate your second grader for being so patient and flexible and responsible!

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