First/Second Grade Rules!

First/second graders spent the past week reading, writing, sharing and sketching their ideas about our 4 classroom rules.  This is a very caring and thoughtful group of students!  Here are some of the specifics they came up with to support positivity in our classroom community.


Respect people’s insides.

  • “When you are nice to people’s insides, you are not being nice to their lungs or stomach.  You are being nice to their heart.  You would say something like, ‘Are you OK?  Do you need a teacher?'”  Sebastian
  • “Do you want to play tag?”  Bennett
  • “Are you hurt?  Are you OK?  Do you want an ice pack?” Desi
  • “You can make someone a card if they are sad.”  Ella
  • “You can say, ‘I need a little space.'”  Yohann

unknown-2Respect people’s outsides.

  • “Make sure you have both feet on the ground when you sit on a hooky stool.” Brianna
  • “Don’t lean back in your chair!” Ronan
  • “You won’t see any hitting or kicking in our class.” Betsy
  • “If someone gets a concussion, you could ask if they are OK and then go get the nurse.” Ella

unknown-1Respect People’s Things

  • “Use a post-it note for a bookmark.” Jackson
  • “Don’t touch other people’s things without permission.” Tansy
  • “Try not to chew on our class pencils.” Micah
  • “You should not take things from people.  Ask first.” Bella
  • “Don’t fold page corners down to  mark your page in a book.”  Charlie
  • “Everyone makes mistakes, but if you break something you should just tell the teacher and say sorry.” Sebastian

unknown-3Always try your best.

  • “Oh well.  Good try!” Micah
  • “This feels tricky but I will try.” Brianna
  • “May I please have some help?  I do’t want to give up.” Elyse
  • “I can’t do that, YET.” Ms. Culbreth
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