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Dear Sixth Grade Self…

Two events that focus on the future occurred in second grade today.  First, students visited Ms. Cannon in grade 3 to take a peak at their new classroom and to get to know their new teacher a little better.  After … Continue reading

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Marble Runs

As part of our unit-of-study on force and motion, second grade students spent the past several days working as partners to create, build, and perfect marble runs.  I heard lots of, “Nice try,” “Let’s try that again,” and many of … Continue reading

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Same Scene, Multiple Perspectives

In grade 2 this week we focused on three different books written by one author; we read and discussed the Weird series by Erin Frankel.  The three books are important in that they not only focus on a single situation of bullying … Continue reading

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How Far Can You Jump?

We are starting a new math unit in Grade 2 called How Far Can You Jump?  Students are measuring lengths and distances and solving measurement story problems.  We will work with a variety of measurement units, including nonstandard ones like … Continue reading

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Learning Targets and Success Criteria

Here are our grade 2 learning targets and success criteria for the week of May 30th…

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Writing, Reading & Questioning Like Scientists

Students in second grade are reading, writing and experimenting to learn more about force and motion!  During science the students are conducting experiments to answer questions like whether a car goes further on carpet or rugs, and what pushes and pulls are necessary to make our school … Continue reading

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Countries of Origin Fair

Today’s Country of Origin Fair in second grade was amazing!  Students have spent the past several weeks reading books and articles online to learn more about immigration and the many different people who have immigrated to the United States from many different … Continue reading

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