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Our seeds have sprouted!

The radish seeds we placed in our root viewers on Monday have already sprouted!  We noticed something quite mysterious, however.  The sprouts are “L” shaped instead of “l” shaped.  Ask your child why that might be… Advertisements

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Do plants eat dirt?

First/second grade students have been busy this week in science learning even more about plant adaptations.  On Monday, students worked together to answer the question, “Do plants eat dirt?”  They learned about the importance of water (which is taken in by … Continue reading

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We Reorganized Our Classroom Library!

We are very fortunate that we have lots and lots of great books in our first/second grade classroom library.  For most of the school year, about half of our fiction books have been organized by category (Funny Books, Holiday Books…) … Continue reading

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From Problem, to Plan, to Prototype

First/second graders just completed an exciting, hands-on science unit about animal biodiversity!  In their final animal biodiversity science mystery, the students investigated which kinds of birds are most likely to visit a bird feeder, based on what they eat.  In … Continue reading

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Seeing the World Through Poet Glasses

Students in first/second grade are practicing putting on their poet glasses and viewing everyday objects and moments in their worlds through the eyes of a poet.  So far students have read poems about a pencil sharpener described as a hive of … Continue reading

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Animal Biodiversity

First/second grade students have begun an exciting new science mini-unit!  This unit helps students develop a sense of wonder for biodiversity: the sheer range and variety of animals found on earth.  In their first science Mystery, students thought deeper about … Continue reading

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AM and PM

In math class today we talked about the difference between AM and PM when we are telling time.  Together, we started an hour-by-hour checklist to record what we do each hour, on the hour, on a typical Tuesday.  Students brought … Continue reading

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