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Why are so many toys made out of plastic?

In this week’s Mystery Science lesson, first/second grade students discovered more about melting and the solid and liquid states of matter.   For this exploration, students learned why and how plastic was invented and then worked as teams to test … Continue reading

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Matter Mysteries

In first/second grade we have been learning all about matter and the different ways to categorize and describe matter by various properties.  In our first science mystery challenge, Why do we wear clothes?, students explored the different properties of materials … Continue reading

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Marble Runs

As part of our unit-of-study on force and motion, second grade students spent the past several days working as partners to create, build, and perfect marble runs.  I heard lots of, “Nice try,” “Let’s try that again,” and many of … Continue reading

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Writing, Reading & Questioning Like Scientists

Students in second grade are reading, writing and experimenting to learn more about force and motion!  During science the students are conducting experiments to answer questions like whether a car goes further on carpet or rugs, and what pushes and pulls are necessary to make our school … Continue reading

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Quabbin Trip

The kindergarten, first and second grade classes went on a field trip to the Quabbin Reservoir today to help restock the water with rainbow trout.  Students worked together to deliver the young trout to the clean and fresh water in buckets and then watched … Continue reading

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Goodbye Rocks

If your child’s backpack seems a little heavier than normal this afternoon it’s probably because they are coming home with their desk rock collections.  Today in class students sifted and categorized various rocks according to size and properties.  They have also almost completed … Continue reading

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Bat Flight and Bird Flight

In science, second grade students have been learning about bats and discovering how bat wings compare to bird wings.  These are some of the details we have discovered so far… Bats have membranes in the space between the bones on their wings.  Birds … Continue reading

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