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Goodbye Rocks

If your child’s backpack seems a little heavier than normal this afternoon it’s probably because they are coming home with their desk rock collections.  Today in class students sifted and categorized various rocks according to size and properties.  They have also almost completed … Continue reading

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Bat Flight and Bird Flight

In science, second grade students have been learning about bats and discovering how bat wings compare to bird wings.  These are some of the details we have discovered so far… Bats have membranes in the space between the bones on their wings.  Birds … Continue reading

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Megabat or Microbat?

Do you know the difference between megabats and microbats?  Your second grader does!  This week in grade 2 we charted some of the differences between megabats and microbats and used our background knowledge about bats to infer why bats have … Continue reading

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