Classroom Procedures


Class Supplies: Grade 1/2 families have been sent an email detailing the supplies students need for the first day of school.  To see a copy of the supply list, click here.  Please feel free to email me anytime if you have questions about the list or difficulty purchasing supplies.

Classroom Expectations: During the first six weeks of school first/second grade students share books and participate in activities that address what makes a student a successful learner and a thoughtful friend.  Together, we brainstorm what these qualities will “look like” and “sound like” in our classroom.  We then relate these traits to our shared classroom expectations, which are…

  • Be kind to peoples’ insides.
  • Be kind to peoples’ outsides.
  • Be kind to peoples’ things.
  • Always try your best.

Birthdays: You are welcome to send in a small birthday treat for the class on or near your child’s birthday.  Please contact me to coordinate a date prior to the celebration.  If your child has a summer birthday we can set up a day in May or June to celebrate.  Please include any necessary utensils along with the birthday treat (napkins, spoons, cups, etc.).  Do not send birthday party invitations or thank you notes to school with your child unless the entire class has been invited to the party.

Book Orders: I will send home Scholastic Reading Club order forms at the beginning of each month.  If you would like to order books return the form and a check by the due date indicated.  Please make checks payable to Scholastic (no cash).  You can also click here to place your book order online.  Our class code is L48DN.

Recess: We have recess every day at 12:30 and students go outside in almost any weather.  Please make sure your child comes to school dressed to play outside (rain boots, snow boots, hats, gloves, etc.).  Remember to write your child’s name on  everything that you send to school (including backpacks, water bottles, hats, gloves, lunch boxes, snow pants…).  Thank you.

Home/School Folders: Your child will bring home their home/school folder in their backpack every afternoon.  This folder is what your child will use to share any important notes or announcements.  Please help your child go through this folder and take out all papers every day.  You should also use this folder to send back any notes for the office or me as well.  It is very important that your child bring their home/school folder back to school every day.

Snacks: We eat snack every morning.  Please pack your child a healthy and energy-sustaining snack as we do not each lunch each day until 12:00.  Students should also bring a water bottle to class each day to keep at their desks (only no-spill, sippy-type bottles).  Water is the only beverage allowed in our classroom at any time, including for snack.

Home/School Communication: I try to post a class blog post several times a month to update families on our classroom learning.  Click here to “follow” our classroom blog and to be notified automatically when new updates and photos are posted.  Click here to subscribe to our second grade “Dinner Table Talk” text messages, which are prompts I text once or twice a week to help you talk to your second grader about what they are learning at school.  Second grade students also write reflection letters in their home/school journals every other Friday and I invite families to respond in writing as well.  Parent/teacher conferences are held in November, parent/teacher/student conferences are held in April and report cards go home with students in February and June.  Please feel free to contact me anytime (unless a matter is urgent, email works best for me).

Homework: Homework does not officially begin at Shutesbury Elementary School until third grade.  It is an expectation, however, that all second grade students read for at least 20 minutes outside of school each day.