img_2406Grade 2 has added something new to the schedule.  After snack each Wednesday we head down to the music room for an invigorating yet peaceful 20 minutes of yoga!  Thanks so much to Grace, who leads us in this new adventure each week.

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The Book Fairy

img_2367In second grade, we have been lucky enough to get deliveries from the Book Fairy all year long!  The day we started a new reading unit on information books, she left two different books about tigers wrapped in pretty paper at our reading area.  When we began to delve into poetry, there was a poetry book left behind for us to unwrap.  This week, the Book Fairy was busy!  Second grade received a giant box with over $200 in shiny, new books for our classroom library.  We have had lots of fun unwrapping the books and deciding how to organize them on our classroom library bookshelves (and, of course, lots of fun reading them too)!

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Lots of Choices in Grade 2


We love balance boards!

We are so fortunate to have many different spaces and places for learning in our grade 2 classroom!  Students pick new seats every 4-6 weeks based on their needs and how they think they will learn best.  They can sit at a round table with other students, at individual spaces with privacy screens for more quiet, or at a horseshoe table with their teachers and other friends.  They can sit on hooki stools, classroom chairs fitted with Bouncy Bands, or in scoop rockers on the rug.  They are even able to request a wobble board to stand on if they need a little more movement during listening time.  I am so impressed with these students and their growing abilities to articulate what accommodations they may need to learn best.

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Close to 20

screen-shot-2017-01-09-at-11-55-34-amIn second grade students are working on addition and subtraction with numbers up to 100!  In order to practice these new number challenges, today we played a fun and very useful game in math called Close to 20.  You can play this game at home with your child using a standard deck of playing cards (designate jacks as zero, aces as one, queens as 10 and kings as wild cards).  Students pick three numbers from their hand of five cards to add together.  The object of the game is to make each play add up to as close as 20 as possible.  Students “earn” a point for each number they are away from 20 in their number string and the player with the lowest score at the end of the game wins.  I’ll send more detailed instructions and a game board home with students this afternoon.  Enjoy!

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Maps, Maps, Maps!

img_2312In grade 2 students are learning all about maps, including how to read them and create them.  We’ve talked about map keys, map grids, scale and the compass rose.  Students are also learning about the seven continents.  Last week they created paper machè globes to demonstrate their understanding of the location of the seven continents on planet earth.

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Learning Targets and Success Criteria

Here are our grade 2 learning targets and success criteria for the week of December 19th…

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Circus Smirkus

Shutesbury Elementary School was lucky enough to participate in a week-long residency with a professional clown from Circus Smirkus!  Mr. Josh taught students how to tumble, balance plates on a stick, balance feathers on their hands, and how to juggle scarves.  Friday night’s display of SES circus talent was both fun to perform and amazing to watch!

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