Reading Workshop

messagepart-12In first/second grade each daily reading workshop session begins with a 10-minute, whole-class mini lesson that focuses on a specific reading skill or strategy.  Students are eventually expected to transfer these strategies to their own reading.  On any given day in reading workshop students may spend time reading to themselves, reading with a partner, conferencing one-on-one with a teacher, listening to or reading texts on the computer, and/or meeting with a teacher for guided reading or strategy group instruction.

Guided reading consists of explicit and differentiated instruction for very small groups of readers (2-5 students) reading at the same level.  Groups meet two to four times a week based on needs.  Guided reading typically begins with a brief vocabulary or word study mini-lesson, followed by reading strategy instruction that is embedded within a leveled text.  Group instruction usually closes with a brief reading response or writing mini-lesson.

During reading workshop each student carries a book box full of self-selected, I-Pick books that are appropriate for their current reading level.  I-Pick stands for I choose books based on Purpose (Why do I want to read this?), Interest (Does this book interest me?), Comprehension (Do I understand what I am reading?) and Knowing (Do I know most of the words?).  Choosing appropriate books that match each student’s individual interests and reading level is a skill that takes a lot practice and self-awareness.

First/second grade reading workshop includes two foundational units, and one unit each on fiction, nonfiction, and poetry.  

  • Taking Charge of Reading (Foundational)
  • Becoming Experts (Nonfiction)
  • Amping Up Reading Power (Foundational)
  • Series Book Clubs (Fiction)
  • Reading Poetry