Social Studies

Jane Goodall

Jane Goodall

First/second grade students study world and United States history, geography, economics and government by learning more about who Americans are and where they came from.  They explore their own family’s history and listen to or read a variety of texts about distinctive individuals, peoples, achievements, customs, events, places or landmarks from long ago and around the world.  Students learn more economic concepts by identifying producers, consumers, buyers and sellers in their own communities.

First/second grade social studies units of study include:

  • Taking Charge of Ourselves: What Makes A Great Student?  What Makes A Great Friend?
  • Maps and Our Countries of Origin
  • Brave People Who Made Our World A Better Place

The social studies curriculum at Shutesbury Elementary School also includes the anti-bullying curriculum Second Steps: Skills for Social and Academic Success.  The program promotes school success, school connectedness and a safe and respectful school climate by directly teaching students skills that strengthen their ability to learn, have empathy, manage emotions and solve problems.  Through stories, songs and discussions the program works to develop students’ self-regulation and social-emotional competencies.