Our Countries of Origin

IMG_3257The Country of Origin Fair in first/second grade was amazing!  Students spent the past several weeks reading texts and books online to learn more about immigration and the many different people who have immigrated to the United States from many different countries, at many different times, for many different reasons.  Wednesday morning first/second grade students greeted their families by saying, “Hello!” in their country of origin language.  They also shared presentations on their iPads with research, artifacts, and photographs from their countries of origin (and even tasty treats from around the globe!).  Click here to see more photos from our Countries of Origin Fair.

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What’s your favorite weekend activity?

IMG_3244In first/second grade we just wrapped up our math unit on organizing and interpreting data.  As a final project, students worked in pairs to poll the school about their favorite weekend activity.  Then they coordinated with their partner to turn their survey results into two, three, or four column graphs.   Some of the most popular weekend activities included legos, playing outside, and sleeping.  Up next in math: addition, subtraction and the number system with even BIGGER numbers!

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Countries of Origin Research

IMG_3225Students in first/second grade are researching to learn more about some of their countries of origin.  After a conversation with families, each student chose one country to focus their research and learning on.  One of the goals of this research project is for students to utilize more than one source of information about a topic and decide how to best collect, integrate and share that information.  Ms. Lobenstine and Ms. Lee in the Learning Commons found lots of great books and web sites for students to use.  In class, students used their iPads to read more about their countries and select images for their presentations.  Big-kid reading helpers from 4th, 5th, and 6th grade helped researchers tackle tricky nonfiction books for important information.  Students are working to learn more about their country of origin’s traditions, language, landmarks and celebrations.  Grade 1/2 will host a country of origin fair for families on Wednesday, January 24th, at 9AM.

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Organizing Data

IMG_3230In first/second grade, we are currently thinking about how to collect, organize and compare data.  Each morning as students enter our classroom, they respond to a different question in graph form so we can discuss and compare the daily results.  Students are also working with Yekti (alien) cards to organize the aliens according to specific properties and play “Guess My Rule.”  They have categorized their information in circles, Venn diagrams, and bar graphs.  Tomorrow, students will work in groups to develop surveys for the school.  After they gather their data, they will be able to choose what kind of graph will best organize their findings.

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Handmade Globes

First/second grade students recently completed a 3-day process to create individual paper mache globes.  First, students wrapped newspaper strips dipped in paper mache paste around balloons.  After the balloon spheres dried, students painted them blue.  On the third day, students glued paper continents in the (relatively) correct locations on their blue spheres.  They are hanging in our classroom now and they are beautiful!  Thanks so much to the parent volunteers who helped make this fun but messy project a reality.IMG_3233 2

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Collect $1.00

Screen Shot 2017-12-07 at 2.49.32 PMWe are playing lots of math games in first/second grade in order to become more fluent and efficient at adding and subtracting within 100.  These games are simple, quick, and easy to play at home with everyday objects.  One of our new favorites is Collect $1.00.  Students play with a partner, roll two dice, and collect coins until they reach $1.00.  After each turn, students record the number they rolled and add that number to their to their coin total.  Then, they work together to discuss what trades they could make.  If you have any extra time over winter break, this is a game really worth playing with your child!

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Writing As “Experts”

IMG_3207Today we wrapped up our informational writing unit in first/second grade with a writing share celebration!  Fifth grade students, who also just completed an informational writing unit, came to our classroom to share their writing.  The first/second grade students were also able to share their “expert” information papers with the fifth graders!  In first/second grade, our information writing unit included a focus on audience, word choice, and text features.  You can click here to see the chapters in the first/second grade students’ books.  Everyone at the celebration, including all of the teachers, learned a lot by listening to the student writers’ expert work!

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