Field Day

IMG_0011Field day was an amazing experience!  Our class was full of great sports and enthusiastic teammates.  Thanks so much, Mr. Carra, for a wonderful day!


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Cursive Time!

step-by-step-instructions-d_0A much anticipated and very, very exciting time in first/second grade is finally here!  Today students traded in their manuscript handwriting practice books for something way more big-kid… CURSIVE!  First/second grade students were very excited to practice making multiple “magic c’s” and the letter “a” without lifting up their pencil point.  Our handwriting unit is a crash-course/mini-unit that will take place almost every day for the next three weeks.

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Poetry Walk

IMG-4482Last Thursday was a beautiful morning for our first/second grade poetry walk!  Our class celebrated the culmination of our poetry reading and writing unit with a peaceful, guided tour around the school grounds.  Students picked 2-4 of their favorite poems from their writing portfolios to type, hang on trees, and share with family and friends.  The Shutesbury school community visited over a three-day period to take the nature walk and read/respond to the students’ hard work.  The walk was beautiful and the poems were just amazing!  Thank you to everyone who joined us on the walk, and to the first/second grade families who provided coffee and breakfast treats for the special event.

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Special Visitors

We had some very special visitors in first/second grade on Friday.  The students were thrilled to see them and welcomed them with open arms.  Ask your child for more details.

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Our seeds have sprouted!

Photo on 5-18-18 at 11.42 AM #2The radish seeds we placed in our root viewers on Monday have already sprouted!  We noticed something quite mysterious, however.  The sprouts are “L” shaped instead of “l” shaped.  Ask your child why that might be…

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Do plants eat dirt?

Screen Shot 2018-05-16 at 11.58.07 AM.pngFirst/second grade students have been busy this week in science learning even more about plant adaptations.  On Monday, students worked together to answer the question, “Do plants eat dirt?”  They learned about the importance of water (which is taken in by the roots) for plants, and what it is about dirt that plants really need.  They also built root viewers to see up close how roots behave.  The students are observing and taking notes in their science notebooks each day to report on their seeds’ root progress.

On Wednesday, students explored the question, “Why do trees grow so tall?”  In this mystery, students learned the importance of sunlight to plants, which is collected by their leaves.  After learning more about how plants respond to sunlight, they built creative grass heads. Each student choose how to place their grass head in the window, based on which way they hope their grass head’s hair grows… Screen Shot 2018-05-16 at 11.58.35 AM.png


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We Reorganized Our Classroom Library!

IMG_3537We are very fortunate that we have lots and lots of great books in our first/second grade classroom library.  For most of the school year, about half of our fiction books have been organized by category (Funny Books, Holiday Books…) and half been organized by guided reading level.  Now that students in our classroom have become experts at self-selecting “just right” books, we decided as a class that we were ready for a big change.  Students took EVERY fiction book off our classroom shelves and divided them into categories that they came up with.  Now our entire fiction library is organized by Funny, or Fairy Tales, or Magical or Kids Like Us

Feel free to stop by our classroom anytime to admire our newly-categorized, newly-organized classroom library!

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